Don't let others get ahead of you.

  • Want to find out how to connect effectively with 29 million decision makers?

  • There's never been a more critical time to leverage connections! Even if you've never considered using LinkedIn before.

  • Do you have an existing tired profile that doesn't bring you the results you deserve?

If that's you, then you need to TAKE ACTION NOW and find out how to make a profile that gets you noticed.

A Practical Guide to LinkedIn

With examples, workbooks and detailed guidance, this course takes you through every aspect of setting up and using your LinkedIn profile to get you ahead

  • Business Professionals

    LinkedIn Essentials has been designed for Business Professionals who are not getting the results they want from their online presence. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a long time user this course will keep you ahead of everyone else.

  • Why You need this Course?

    With 29 Million active decision makers on LikedIn In the UK alone, your profile needs to be world class. LinkedIn Essentials takes you through all the steps to make sure you look your best to get get the results you deserve.

  • TIme Saving

    LinkedIn Essentials is the Shortcut to the perfect profile. With hints tips and detailed guidance of what really works you will save hours compared to trial and error.

  • Practical

    11 modules of practical advice, 1 detailed workbook and over 5 hours of instruction videos built from personal experience of what really works.

  • Easy to Understand

    With loads of examples and easy to follow tutorials you will be up and running in no time. We show you exactly how to achieve the results you are after.

  • Comprehensive

    Everything you need to create a world class profile and start making the connections you need to supercharge your business.

Course Outline

Eleven modules and over 5 hours of video instruction taking you from no LinkedIn knowledge to producing a world class profile

  • 2

    Welcome to LinkedIn Essentials

    • Welcome to the LinkedIn Essentials Program

    • Document Downloads

  • 3

    Your Profile

    • Setting up your profile

    • Demonstrating your Profile

    • Profile Settings

    • Your Photo

    • Why you need to consider who is taking your picture

    • Banners

    • Using Canva to create your Social Media Banner

    • Your LinkedIn URL

    • Networking

  • 4

    Business Pages

    • Company Pages

    • Company Page Demonstration

  • 5


    • Content

  • 6

    The A B C of LinkedIn

    • Attract

    • Build

    • Demonstration of building your network on LinkedIn

    • Consistency

    • Demo of Notifications

  • 7


    • Story Telling

  • 8

    Building your connections

    • Connections

    • Building your Connections

    • Demo of using the Search facility

  • 9

    Your Ideal Customer

    • Your Ideal Customer - Avatars

  • 10

    Free Vs Premium

    • Free Vs Premium LinkedIn Accounts

  • 11

    Tips & Cheats

    • Tips & Cheats Roundup

  • 12

    Next Steps

    • To get the most out of LinkedIn, use it

    • LinkedIn Mastery

    • We'd love your feedback so let us know what you thought

Your Instructor

Beverley Lockett

With a first Degree in Business Management and a Masters in Educational Assessment, Specialising in Change Management, Beverley is an expert in both running businesses and how to effect change within a business. But academic understanding is nothing unless you have the practical experience to go with it and Beverley has plenty of that too. Beverley is also an assessment Expert – that’s not just exams but how to improve teaching and learning through the use of assessment methods. So unlike many "Gurus" who may know their subject but don't know how to teach it to you, Beverley is an expert at both aspects.

Recent Press Coverage

Your Property Network Magazine recently ran an Article about how Beverley has used LinkedIn within her property business to stay ahead of her competition and improve her profit. You could do the same.


Other peoples thoughts about Beverley

"I can not recommend her enough"

David W

Beverley was my my coach whilst I was on a property training course. Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. She makes you think and apply yourself and holds you to account but in a positive and supporting way. Wouldn’t be where I am today without having Beverley as my coach. Can not recommend her enough.

"Beverley is a relationship builder. Exactly the skill required for a successful LinkedIn networker"

Chris C

What is immediately noticeable about Beverley is that she is a relationship builder. Exactly the skill required for successful LinkedIn networkers. Beverley is very adept with LinkedIn networking, she does this partly through Linkedin posts that engage and run the gamut from informative to caring, witty and fun. In short Beverley knows how to use LinkedIn to very good effect.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Beverley"

Jon F

I have known Beverley for a short space of time after joining The Cobra Club. In the first 2 weeks 12 people recommend Beverley and even more said I needed to have a 1-2-1 with her. When we did chat it was very clear that Beverley’s knowledge and expertise are second to none and you only have check out her amazing book and speak with her to know that. I would not hesitate to recommend Beverley and I look forward to working with her more in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    There are over 5 hours of instructoinal videos showing you all the practical aspects of setting up your profile. We recommend that you build your profile as you go along.

  • I am not techincal is this suitable for me?

    Absolutely it is. We take you through every aspect of setting up your profile and show you exactly how it is done so anyone can do it.

  • Do you have an advanced course?

    Our advanced course is called LinkedIn Mastery and will be available shortly.

  • How long have I got to complete the course?

    Once you have bought the course it is yours for life. No time limits so you can brush up your knowledge whenever you want to.

  • What other courses do you have?

    Our course list is growing all the time and can be found by following the links at the top of the page.

Why wait any longer for those business connections that will transform your business? Get the LinkedIn Essentials course and Turbo charge your LinkedIn profile.