A Practical LinkedIn Tool

This membership tool will help your LinkedIn posts reach a wider audience and achieve your aims that much quicker. By having a reliable method to get a number of quick Likes and Comments on your posts you will see your traction on LinkedIn take off

  • Practical

    This is an essential element of your LinkedIn Strategy to help your posts reach a much wider audience

  • Simple to Operate

    No complex software or techniques to learn. Just a few minutes every day will have a massive impact.

  • Effective

    An exceptionally cost effective way of getting you and your business in front of millions of potential clients.

Course curriculum


The Moderators of this group are

David & Beverley Lockett

David & Beverley are the founders of The Business Academy. Beverley was a Business Lecturer for 20 years and has a first Degree in Business Management and a Masters in Educational Assessment, Specialising in Change Management. Beverley is an expert in both running businesses and how to effect change within a business. Her practical experience covers both corporate and public businesses in a range of positions upto senior management as well as being a key member of our own property business. Unllike many "Gurus" who may know their subject but don't know how to teach it to you, Beverley is an expect at both aspects. David's experience is many and varied from systems design to product management and within the worlds biggest companies to small businesses. He ran his own Accountancy practice for 10 years before selling that to develop our own property business. David's expertise lies in the area of processes and systemising businesses which is why our own business is entirely paper free.


Other peoples thoughts about Beverley

"I can not recommend her enough"

David W

Beverley was my my coach whilst I was on a property training course. Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. She makes you think and apply yourself and holds you to account but in a positive and supporting way. Wouldn’t be where I am today without having Beverley as my coach. Can not recommend her enough.

"Beverley is a relationship builder. Exactly the skill required for a successful LinkedIn networker"

Chris C

What is immediately noticeable about Beverley is that she is a relationship builder. Exactly the skill required for successful LinkedIn networkers. Beverley is very adept with LinkedIn networking, she does this partly through Linkedin posts that engage and run the gamut from informative to caring, witty and fun. In short Beverley knows how to use LinkedIn to very good effect.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Beverley"

Jon F

I have known Beverley for a short space of time after joining The Cobra Club. In the first 2 weeks 12 people recommend Beverley and even more said I needed to have a 1-2-1 with her. When we did chat it was very clear that Beverley’s knowledge and expertise are second to none and you only have check out her amazing book and speak with her to know that. I would not hesitate to recommend Beverley and I look forward to working with her more in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will this take?

    You only need to spend a few minutes a day to see dramatic benefits.

  • What if I can't contribute every day?

    No Problem. We all have busy lives, just contribute when you can. Your should aim to put a few minutes in every day but if you miss a day here and there it will not cause a problem.

  • Do I need to learn any new techniques?

    No. All you kneed is WhatsApp, LinkedIn and the abitliy to like and comment on a post. Simple.