The Killer Shortcut to Planning your Business

  • Need to complete your planning for the next quarter but can't find a full day to focus on your business

  • Want a structured method of planning your quarter to ensure that no area of your business is ignored

  • Know the importance of planning but don't really know where to start

If that's sounds like you, then you need to TAKE ACTION NOW and get your Online Quarterly Business Booster..

A Practical, Structured Planning Course to Give Your Business a Real Boost

With examples, workbooks and detailed guidance, this structured course ensures no aspect of your business will be forgotten

  • Why You need this Course?

    Great businesses don't just happen they are made by people who plan the growth of the business. Quarterly planning is essential for your planned growth.

  • TIme Saving

    This is the Shortcut. By focusing on planning exactly what needs doing you will save yourself many hours of working on the wrong things and being a busy fool.

  • Guided Planning

    This planning session is fully guided allowing you to focus ON Your Business rather than the process of planning.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Process of Planning

    • Why Plan?

    • The Power of 90

    • The Alternative 12

  • 3


    • Review Last Year

    • Review Last Quarter

  • 4

    Your Business Vision

    • Introduction to Business Vision

    • Exit Plans

    • Course Corrections

    • Business Strategy

    • Aspirational Vision

  • 5

    The Planning Methodology

    • Introduction to our Planning Methodology

    • Sourcing & Team

    • Operations, Money & Promotion

    • S.T.O.M.P. Planning

  • 6

    Planning Your Actions

    • Introduction to Action Planning

    • Action Plans

  • 7

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps