Who Is This For?

Property Investors Seeking Other Peoples Money

The Property Ambition Online Course is for people who understand that property can provide you with Time and Freedom. It's not so much about retirement. Property though, as we know, is expensive. It doesn't really matter how much of your own money you've got, whether that's a few tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even nothing at all (that's where I started), at some point you are going to run out! This course is for you if the following sounds familiar.... You might have taken the first step and started investing in property education and knowledge. You've maybe taken steps and started building your property portfolio and working towards financial freedom You've hit a barrier! You're running out, or have run out of your own money.

The Problem

A recent survey suggested that raising property finance is one of the biggest blocker to porperty investors achieving their "Property Ambitions". So much is taught about the different strategies, but up until now there has been very little guidance on how to attract private finance to fund these deals.

  • You're Running Out Of Your Own Money

    It doesn't matter how much of your own money you have, at some point you're going to run out. When you're experienced at leveraging other peoples money, you have access to an almost limitless amount of investment capital.

  • You Don't Have The Knowledge

    You don't know what you don't know and there is nothing wrong with that. This online course will condense the time it takes for you to acquire the knowledge and frameworks required to get results fast, without having to learn them the hard way.

What You'll Unlock by Attracting Investors

  • Move Quickly & Secure More Deals

    Having money at your disposal means you can move fast and secure deals before it's too late.

  • Get Properties Cheaper

    Being able to offer cash to vendors - fast - is a powerful motivator,

  • Get Bigger Deals

    You are not limited to what you can afford!.. Think Big. Having money will eliminate a lot of your competition so you can have better deals outside their scope and deal capacity.

About Property Ambition

What's Included In The Property Ambition Online Course And Academy?

  • 6 * Info packed Modules delivered by Tim Matcham himself. Delivered on-demand, each module will take you step by step through Tim's 6P's to raising private finance framework and attracting Armchair Investors. Value £3,500

  • Tim will share his Blue Line Philosophy, a powerful mindset tool that every aspiring property investor should be aware of. Value £750

  • 1 * Contribution Compass profile token and 18 page report to help you better understand your natural energy and determine 'who' you need in the team and what type of investors you want to work with. Value £65

  • Lifetime access to the Property Ambition closed Facebook Group. Get bonus content from Tim, Join in discussions and support groups with fellow Property Ambition alumni. Value £1,000

  • Checklists and worksheets to keep you focussed and able to take the right action. Value £250

  • 20% discount off a 60 minute power call with Tim. If you hit a block on your property journey and need some time on line with Tim to get unstuck then a private 60 minute power call could be just the thing. Normally £300 but you qualify for a 20% discount when you purchase this course.

  • Bonus Content Added Monthly. Guest Content Added Regularly & Lifetime Access.

The Pay Off

When Can You Expect To See Results

Bt the end of the Property Ambitions Online Course you're going to be inspired to take action. We'll break down the barriers to investment together and address your own false beliefs and fears about attracting investment. At the end of this course you'll have acquired the knowledge and confidence to attract your very own private investors for your property deals, as Tim and a number of his VIP coaching clients have too. You'll have access to worksheets and checklists to support you throughout the journey and frameworks that will last for years to come.

Why Is This Important Now?

And How Can You Achieve Extraordinary Results Too

Tim started investing in property when he discovered that his pension wasn't going to provide for him in quite the way he hoped. With a small property portfolio and many years experience in structuring property deals, including several joint ventures, Tim has raised over £3.5 Million in the last few years. Tim doesn't subscribe to the "Happy Clappy" style of property finance training or selling dreams from stage! Instead, he is a straight talker who after years of learning, making mistakes, refining and succeeding, now wants to cut through the noise and share his framework so that other aspiring property investors can achieve the same results, Fast!

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Geting Started

    • Your Purpose

  • 3


    • You

    • Others

  • 4


    • Project

  • 5

    Power Up

    • Power Up

  • 6


    • Paperwork

  • 7


    • PR

  • 8


    • Discounted 60 Minute Power Call

    • Monthly Q & A Session

    • Six Great Books To Read

    • Bonus Video

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