Welcome to The Business Acedemy

Welcome to the Business Academy website.  Our aim is to provide UK businesses with simple, practical business advice that will help them develop and grow.  Many Entrpreneurs are great at what they do but do not currently have the business skills required to run their buisiness efficiently and effectively.  The Business Academy's mission is to change that and provide you with those skills in a simple, interesting and affordable way.

David & Beverley Lockett

David & Beverley are the founders of The Business Academy. Beverley was a Business Lecturer for 20 years and has a first Degree in Business Management and a Masters in Educational Assessment, Specialising in Change Management. Beverley is an expert in both running businesses and how to effect change within a business. Her practical experience covers both corporate and public businesses in a range of positions upto senior management as well as being a key member of our own property business. Unllike many "Gurus" who may know their subject but don't know how to teach it to you, Beverley is an expect at both aspects. David's experience is many and varied from systems design to product management and within the worlds biggest companies to small businesses. He ran his own Accountancy practice for 10 years before selling that to develop our own property business. David's expertise lies in the area of processes and systemising businesses which is why our own business is entirely paper free.